Success Stories : Shobha Patgar, Beauty Parlor

Small Business: Beauty Parlor

Mrs. Shobha Dinesh Patgar

Mrs. Shobha Dinesh Patgar is 32 years old and has studied up to 12th grade. She became a member of Shri Bhavani S.H.G., in Bappankodlu, in Shirali district of Karnataka  in May 2008. Shobha is married and the mother of one little girl.

In December 2010, she availed of a loan amount of Rs. 50,000 from the self help group and also added her own savings to start a beauty parlor. Prior to starting her business, she had never owned any other business or worked anywhere. She has been running the parlor now for a year and a half and her approximate monthly income is Rs. 5000 and annual income Rs. 60,000.

As of October 2012, she has repaid the entire loan amount. Shobha’s experience with the Self Help Group and accounting skills learned there have helped her immensely in running her own business successfully.