Success Stories : Lalita Naik, Jasmine Farming

Small Business: Jasmine Cultivation

Mrs. Lalita S. Naik

Mrs. Lalita S. Naik, age 35 years, is a member of the self help group “Navashakti”, founded on 29th November 2009 in Alvekodi village in Karnataka. Lalita has studied upto 7th standard and is married with college going children.

Lalita had a small plot of land outside of her house and decided to utilize the same for cultivation of Jasmine flowers. These flowers are sold in the retail market for prayer as well as adornment purpose. Lalita needed a total amount of Rs. 50,000 to prepare the land and buy saplings of the Jasmine plants. She availed of a loan of Rs. 30,000 and added the balance from her personal savings.

Lalita’s monthly income is Rs. 4000, annual Rs. 48,000. Prior to starting the Jasmine business, Lalita was a BPL (below poverty line) card holder but now her income is above the cutoff of Rs. 20,000. Lalita really enjoys her plants and the financial security as well as independence that Jasmine cultivation brings her.