Micro Venture 2: Jasmine essential oil

The company will help set up a manufacturing unit to produce perfume and essential oil from Jasmine flower. Jasmine plant is a very popular crop in the coastal Karnataka belt. Flowers are sold in retail for religious as well as decorative purpose. Large quantities are exported to Kerala and Dubai.

Jasmine essential oil can be extracted from the flowers using a chemical or enfleurage process

  1. Considerable demand for the oil in manufacture of perfume, essences, cosmetics, candles, incense etc.
  2. Jasmine infused green tea is very popular in China, Japan etc.

Shalmala Finance Limited has over 6000 members who are involved in Jasmine cultivation. The manufacturing unit can have contractual agreements to purchase the crop as well as provide additional employment to the women in the processing plant. Currently no essential oil manufacturing unit exists in this region. Growers would be happy to supply wholesale to a manufacturing plant as that guarantees stable prices as opposed to fluctuating rates in the retail market. Export of the essential oil can provide profit margins in excess of 200%.