Micro Venture 1: Organic Disposable Plates

The company has set up a manufacturing unit to produce organic disposable plates and bowls. The first plant is now operational with a production capacity of 5000 plates a day. The Arecanut palm is one of the important commercial crops of Sirsi region in North Karnataka India. Arecanut sheath (extension of the leaf) is a hard material, has good tensile strength and can be utilized for manufacturing disposable plates and bowls.

Some of the qualities of the products are as follows:

  1. Completely Eco-friendly, Biodegradable and Hygienic.
  2. Sturdy and not easily crushable and very light in weight.
  3. Microwave usable.
  4. Can be easily molded into different shapes and can hold liquid
  5. Natural and attractive appearance.

Plates, trays and bowls of various shapes and sizes can be made.

There is tremendous demand for this product within India.

Temples are a huge market for this product e.g. Sri Balaji Temple, Dolgobindo, ISKON temple and Satsangh in Guwahati

Sweetshops have demands for quarter plates and small katories

National parks and many hill stations where usage of plastic is banned

Selling price of each plate can vary from Rs. 2-4 depending on volumes sold with minimum profit margins of 20-40%